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This is the very first edition of East Coast Native. It is a website that is dedicated to voice the opinions, views and work of those who are Native that come, live or are connected to the East Coast. This magazine is not only to voice the issues in Indian Country across the United States and Canada, but to show and celebrate those achievements of Native People who come from all walks of life, since Native People don’t come only one way. Native People not only come in different shapes and sizes but from many different opinions, from the conservative to the politically radical, and to show that in the arts as well. We are interested in writers in all different Genres. Theater in all different forms from the conservative play to the abstract. We have a short story fantasy series that will come out every three months along with a short story.

We are still looking for more articles from across the country. We are willing to showcase work of first time writers and articles that you feel need to be heard from your communities. We are calling for submissions from all Native People who have something to say and we are willing to showcase your work, including editorials of your political point of view.
East Coast Native is a free website that will be updated quarterly. We understand during this economic crisis it is hard to travel and get information about other Native communities and so we have developed this website for those that can’t travel because of economical means, but still a have source for information.

This particular issue was orginally focused on the vote and the election for it is a critical year on those issues. But that is no longer needed. We would like to give great thank yous and apprecation to all of you that worked so tirelessy on the election. We know that it took a great effort for the results that we all hoped for. Most of the staff on East Coast Native worked in Indian country in many different ways to get the word out for the great change in this country. Some through direct contact with the Obama campaign and others through debate on how much this country needed the change. Some worked on just telling Indian County how important it was to vote. There is one voice that we feel helped a great deal. When we orginally had this issue coming out before the election, we had one writer do an editorial on why we needed the Native vote. We used it as a preview for our magazine and sent it out to thousands before the election and on election day. We are keeping it in because we feel it is a very important article.


We also would like to thank The Silverclould Singers - Kevin Tarrant, Lance Richmond, George Stonefish, Murielle Borst, Larenia Felix, Melanie Tonepahhote, Joy Tonepahhote and the American Indian House - Larry Ahenakew, Anthony Hunter, Rosemary Richmond, Carese Gullo, Pam Albert, Kim Randall, Patricia Tarrant, also Gloria Miguel and Deborah Ratelle for a successful Halloween Bash on November 1st as well as the Shinnecock Nation Youth Council for attending.


We hope that you enjoy our first issue and we would like feedback to our sight.


The East Coast Native Staff.





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